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 QUESTIONS 1    :   
 A job between services in the workshop and supermarket are much different each phrase are not sames but speak about there both aiming are to get the sames goal success in marketingthrough products,quality,result,services process and  the best offer.From  my simple knowledgeable I do understand supermarket  are define sells a variety of fresh foods and drinks for our own daily use.GIANT HYPERMARKET are the one best supermarket ever there not just provides a good quality products but its a wide company name in business supermarket ,Brunei as the fourth country open officially there release so far about 3 branchs,official open absolutely for public,customers,people to get the best goods.Sinces never boredom surfing internet we also can by checking updates from the websites or rains exclusives more visit to theirs stores.

In the websites features  there attach updates from news,promotion,discount,free gift,brands,store locations to even contest introduces here,this also connect how the system in business strategy develop which relate in the websites,example in the news what telling us  is Giant Hypermarket had wining a award in best business marketing and management one of a kind info which we can get from the best of the company differences from the store we can comes directly how the event looks like in live modes,other than that somes flyers stand in huge banners were made at outside the parking lots for customers more to kknow and interest to comes and buy.Speaking about promotions stuffs one of clever introduce cheapest and great fresh stuffs for everyday those are just giving no profit words,when we go to the stores not all but certain of the promotions are not accurate prices,there call 'by terms of conditions' not specific guarantee cheap for one items you buy.Whenever comes in stores,there have new products stocks,somes of old stocks were sell in low prices this mean discounts terms are set such as weekly special,school holidays,back to school promotions which this one can be consider ok to buy.In the websites there only attach a fews pictures notes of low prices so customers can decide and choose the best from them,but difference in the stores there so much paper cut board hanging from the ceiling,stickers notes,people will know each of the sections having a discount prices and easier to know mores in details not just by looking you may feel hows its made,There also serve tryout on such as perfume,drinks products,fitting rooms for clothes and trousers,bundle sells,in foods there serve a fresh from oven too,with this varieties of events,contest,activities for customers to join on,customers can made registrations using the websites or visit the stores too.As we know busying shopping insides there made for kids to joy at 'playground house' sections,almost at the times customers also can choose which great restaurants,fast food,cuisines for refreshment either you go for lunch or dinner,from the websites there not giving full details about all of the best from Giant Hypermarket by only researching through their official websites i do recommend zoom to the stores and this can brings more reliable and what funs,updates,event etc from the Hypermarket itself.


Perhaps we can research what we need to feel and know not just by research base on access internet,asks,feedbacks but physically we can smart  going to the place directly so we cannot be hard to know,confuse and blank what the stores are sells,promote,advertises in ways it be. 

The main forces that led to the commercialize of the internet is firstly there mores fast easy to customers knows the updates from the brands itself,picks and search through yellow pages are not giving you speed drive through fast informations sometimes it's not expose and accurate details to much changes in the address,feedback,telephones number,fax etc,by internet commercial there changing more faster,more attrach business incomes,easy deal with the customers to buy or order,bit cheapest than standing up huge tremendous banners,arch with a slides.Internet commercializing one of revolutions,solves, handling in advertisement too,world now are important to get a great and success profit and wealth,Timing for deal business example Tsunami banished island of paradise turns to wealth of mirrors height to gains money and rebuild strong strategy and never hopeless dream comes through.Criteria becoming the valuable in business by commercializing through internet is worth,no breath holds, no nerve cramps just clicking and sign up maybe bit expend $ for the costs fee.Your clever to great and maintain your brand rise and buyers to liking more from your made.


As 'HUAWEI' brand are introduce,held and colonized Bruneians heart,people of Brunei suggestions to use this brand for as we know 'broadband' a main character of being the brain of access internet in the mean of wherever you go and anywhere you like,this proves we may use wireless not just by plug-in your old school home telephone wire attach through your computer,router,laptop you may use 'broadband' is kindly like a pendrives shapes,B.MOBILE starts this as their best wireless,there called it zoom broadband,we can surf internet mores faster than other surely,giving a promotions or even gifts ,there two sort of categories payment set to Prepaid and Postpaid which mean you declare to use topping up card to BND4 to BND30 interms what instructions written from the credits card,However Postpaid are range in per month between BND30 to BND60 its says that we can pay the bills directly through there branches or via e-payment services.Overall consumer choice is prefer do for the postpaid of BND60 per month,ensure this more useful from any packages there promote,Nevertheless B.MOBILES are still weak beyond theirs services of internet networking,randomly the connection ain't good enough to support internet services surround from deep rural area.

Strong maintenance in services,updates operating systems for cooperative networking frequency from rural to rural by setting up more antenna not just at goverment buildings but schools use,college,public places.Innovating new technology to regains more safer earth energy by renew the broadband into 3 in 1 services such as the hardisk spaces,solar system for computers current replacement,regular notepad if surely.

Bank management as we thought there several question how to solve,simplify,calculate,payment,here one of big name influence islamic banking are BIBD from branches to branches there provide high quality services without runs from their cosmos of islamic law banking mean,sort of investment,insurances introduces for customers choices,from our decided banks,sometimes waiting sessions are the biggest problems  customers serving number sitting at the seat place about a hours so the the problems what BIBD provide is once again cooperate success introduce onlines banking,e-payment,e-banking this are one of advantages so costumers can quick,safe to do a loan,registrations, this can be happen accessing internet one of the best solve can be do by mobile phone,your gadget of tabs,laptop more specificly.The way lead of hope,times are running up disvantages can be occurs insteps online banking,surely most costumer are not blind but desperate to regain more money to paying wireless services every month debt are getting worst every month so consumer can think and arrange there outlay every month to not becoming valley of deadly poorest.

"Customer-centric" means creating a Web site that is centered around customer wants and needs.Realizing that focusing their site on customer benefits and ensuring its visitors a unique experience,attractions to customers,powerful expression on the design will made customers hyper liking to the products not just looking the web there also try to be understand how the websites starts to look higher success and guarantee be trusts.Feedbacks ,FAQ are one of major steps to get trust on the websites itself,features elaborates each of the content,as a common things also payment sides are available for customers to choose what suitable and be able to use for payment.Seems FAQ via email or direct through the sites are one of golden dust to be reply from the management of the websites can be ask any of inquiry,confusions about the postages,prices,promo etc.

But this ain't easy to handle and to get rid fasten wealth since postages charges for 
ever countries are much differents and high expensive then the products,once customers order there no such things discount for faster delivery  the order, second big problems also competitions with other sellers with a sames stuffs example in EBAY.COM there selling a second hand products,can go for negotiation and less in postages between from the official websites of the sames stuffs new quality,free gifts,catalogue but overall postages are too high and expensives material although this are mores safes too.Third problem and difficult packages problems once it's pay there no consider refundable or sending new packages but certain of websites there giving a chances and options for customer to choose back other design from the products or brands,lost packages also a main problems even telephone number to contact are sets this doesn't works, ripoff distributers or websites viruses are the hire people to get easy money and profitable so mention of this a customers  will lost trust and afraid to loss their second moneys.

Conclusions - for all of the content here,prepare the risk making online business,by doing design websites get through and closely what the real and pure content of your business,design it as simple and punch face surprise for the customers to mores fans,buyers and attractive.Look for the worth advertises don't take seriously in the free features sides or  small cartoons and vivid of sexual contents.


Mass media - what it's mean to be in business of fishing rod use mass media,there not just televisions,radio but be useful to newspaper,D.I.Y prints a small flyers,much-desired word-of-mouth advertising,social network,reform party events.The advantages from my opinion are we can be able know the updates of reading,details from latest even the oldest,sort of new upcoming products was printed 3 times a week brings newest to the info.Disvantages using mass media methods ripoff occurs,misunderstood in content,misprint pages,illegal management and fasten sold out products.To get a same as the latest are bit slow and late updating,expiry promotions customers can not pre-order the products again that's because lack of fasten producing and prints back.

Personal Contact -  iam surely knows there sort of types manage and setting our times to go for meeting with customers,negotiation free questioning,directly booking,can be try out first quality before buying for give mores interest to .Grab a opportunities to feel the products from our own self deserve to pay deposit if needs,there no doubt about the product so money doesn't matters just go for it,Disvantages whenever money doesn't go right perfectly by sending the stuffs or packages first but paying later without a black and white document,no receipt noted you also can be rip off by the costumers,prevent from this well use names contact telephone,emails or make a official promises date for meet the costumers.

Web - a luck are on your hand,by doing this there more comfortable and neutral,customers can get through to the websites directly,questioning can be made in chatting, via emails,pictures are produces too,updating and morals of the products it's self,to get more rid of this we can use uploaded material such as demostrations of fishing,how it's work and useful,moving activities within promotions and we can play customers mind to buys the products becoming fans of your brand.Disvantages some websites are introduce and creates not for all regions of countries this might forbidden to get attraction from other overseas customer,chargeable for postages yet are not the cheapest.gaining and expend $ just for paying the postage.Worthless services deliverying a wrong products getting loss of customers trust and deal.As to conclude this make sure before you want to start this had a great tutorials and research.Understanding interms of delivery,and give customers a option for his delivery services exactly bit mores cheapest then other postal services.

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Due to e-commerce business as my first task,onlines business are one of  good example home offices furnitures  by online business methods which is as the sames of selling things onlines,this process pursuit  how can e-commerce directly useful  by any of promote websites that sell kind of this thing.By sort of several websites that i want to brief and puts here are all how about all the sites are organized will be presented.


In this sites goal,there set each of the concept is business as their targets,which is creating the ideal of offices for your own classic homes.this mean about whenever you are working your are be able feel and still can be relaxing just like in our homes,variety of stuffs are introduces especially in classic images but total elegance design from chairs,table,cabinets,computer desk,some there sort of categories brings the brand furnitures more attractive either casual,traditional,contemporary and world influnces.made by  high quality products for customers to had what ever there want.

There also plans the products by giving somes gift card,fee shipping ,can be directly ask for customizing  set products for your own design too not just that you may official choose which are the quality woods to add,use or made by clicking through own the additional features from the sites,in accessories there not just promote and sell such as mirrors,wall arts,hardwares there also sell somes flora fauna a bit touch on 'WORLD INFLUNCES' green fresh leaves on the more special things there provides 'room planner' which this define any customers who's hard to renovate and choose the best concept for  their home offices so the room planner can help you and mange the problems.this also can be giving discount for any types concept you want.there so much special on this products.Payment can be do it as online Paypal,Visa,Mastercard include the postages.Catalogs,souvenirs are attach on the packages too for your references order and latest products.

Without long thinking about the concept for your dream home offices,there updating the quality of products every month and years one of important strategy there gives here,you may see on the features from collections sides,provides a good services and maintaining the brand guarantees for worldwide business.


In the whole from my research,this task i do understand,business are gains and trust for not falling and lost hoping to get profitable and success,buying a good high quality products are not easy instead you must strong enough in strategy,strength and handle to get people attract to buy one of  good using internet as your softwares you may seek wealth,moneys,capital regarding what them request for.Markets updating,Quality in higher and Not too pricey.



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IDCS : eBusiness - SWOT Analysis



- 'GIANT' about zillions across in the world standard how to proving and spill their saliva try out smart but harder revealing what creatures there are, nevertheless around in 1944 Teng Family was founded the name brought and start in Malaysia official as business industry define through discounts store,grocery stores and immediate reasons hypermarketing(which the aims supermarket total fresh,alot and special daily stuffs),Added as we know Giant Hypermarket are one of big shopping place,buyed,retailer shop and place to promoting things,expo,events etc.

In Malaysia, Giant is synonymous with everyday low prices, big variety and great value and recognised for offering the most vibrant, comfortable and 
complete shopping environment.There also open their business marketing not just in Malaysia but also in Indonesia,Brunei Darussalam,Singapore and United Arab Emirates which is own by Diary Farms International Holdings(DFI).


- As a new comers in hypermarket shopping places in Brunei Darussalam now.Directly tremendous official opened at Tasik Rimba first branches and  one of a kind masterpiece location surround by near local residents stats housing,school,departments,highway provides this all to attract every single skeleton of human to comes,hangout,buying,chill,meeting,event etc.

- Its good in selling to what costumers need in daily,good quality brand and mid-class things quality.

Giant brand is growing. Interbrand ranked Giant as Malaysia's 11th Most Valuable Brand in 2007, and in 2008, the 12th Most Valuable Brand. Giant was awarded the Top Retailer in Malaysia and Best of the Best in Asia Pacific Retailers' Award for 2 consecutive years in 2007 and 2008.

- The awards which is Giant success wining into sort of categories was two of the best are 

  1. The Best Brands in Consumer (Hypermarkets), The Brand Laureate Award 2007/2008 for Corporate Branding.
  2. Excellence Service Quality Award in the 7th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award.
For the consumer, Giant has thrown its weight fully behind the Malaysian  Government's programme to create smart consumers of Malaysians through continuous marketing innovations, which help them seek out the best value deals. In the past few months, Giant collaborated with the Government to launch numerous campaigns that effectively brought prices of daily essentials and consumables to even lower levels, including a Price subsidy campaign for Fresh Produce. As the leading hypermarket chain in Malaysia, this campaign was a first of its kind in the industry.


What does the company do poorly?

- Base on the questions,what surely aims from this hypermarket are there try to be the one of the best in marketing and business,the worst starts when opportunities making one company as retailer chain,giving a chances for other shop  to open there business in the same one building and this result rent payment are too high and bit expand so this can cause the things from the shop itself mostly there increasing the value,costs and quality are not quite standard.

- Somes of the things accurately are not lasting enough,probably about 87.9% are MADE IN CHINA in class D quality, so as we know there certain are good to use and wear.Different between  electric goods shop and store with Giant there selling  with sames brand but pricey buying through any Giant Hypermarket.These because there too much offering cheapest things especially in hardwares sections,electrical stuffs,toys so non of them a good in quality.

- To mentions about electric use are too way much,how can we save the energy,why did'nt introduces with solar systems or why not using wind energy as the electricity supply,as i see inside the buildings permanently the bulb from the ceiling are not consider saving the electric stable but almost in maximum use.


- Iam surely there are great and successfully produce in new market,existing  there own quality brand and cheapest price product such as in frozen food,household,kitchen stuffs,drinks,stationary and more are list such as :

For smart price conscious consumers the Giant brand provides a broad range of every day items. The Giant brand offers consumers consistent quality and is the best value for money on the shelf. Most products are sourced and developed locally in view of Malaysia's abundance in raw material and manufacturing facilities.

The Giant brand features distinctive yellow and green packaging that is instantly recognisable and communicates practicality and dependability. Every product is backed by a quality guarantee and is always priced competitively in the category. All Giant Brand products are available in all Giant hypermarkets and supermarkets.

First Choice is a brand for the discerning consumers who buys premium or national brands and seek quality and innovation. The brand offers a comprehensive range, including innovative solutions that extend beyond the mainstream branded offers.

First Choice is clearly differentiated by the premium quality, superior design and distinctive packaging. Exclusivity of our brands allows us to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved. First Choice products are available in Giant and Cold Storage Malaysia, as well as outlets in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Brunei.

Offers Malaysian shoppers a number of core, every day essential items at exceptional value. The brand offers consumers consistent quality at the lowest price and value for money. The No Frills brand features clean contemporary packaging that communicates practicality and dependability.

Every product is backed by a quality guarantee and is always the lowest price in the category. All No Frills products are available in all Giant hypermarkets as well as supermarkets.

Goodlife and Uncle Jack Brand has been a household name dated back to the Teng Family days. It is a brand alternative to leading brands with trustable quality and price.

- By doing this there can directly advertise through a flyers moves,televisions and the most powering people will capture is listening to Radio.yea,bit old school method but seems this apart of technology still can be useful.
- These products and brands given a best and opportunities to increase the profitable by using onlines services,internet to searching them and knowing the product more faster and spread away for people to know the updates,news,feedback from the hypermarket itself.

- Inside the Giant Hypermarket Shopping building there also provide a wireless systems to free access internet through there computers for there customer,this is one of great getting people to visit and shopping.

- One of the good opportunities is local citizen can apply for a work,more employment are giving and offer.from what i'am researched why Giant open in Brunei is this because here there too much unworking so one of solving this problems there giving the chances with excellent salary threats.


- Yep,there too much competition business going here example,in Brunei there already open the third branch as the main supermarket for Times Square,this invite mores good business for them but local did'nt get a chance to open business better than Giants.

- By looking where's Giant creates their own brands,customers now more choose and like to buy their brand so this can be losing our Brunei exchange money rates decrease,imports activity alot from Malaysian strongly enough this putting profitable to Malaysian but not for our own profit.

- Bad in promotions and offer,by trusting the cheapest everyday methods,month sales,free gift resulting costumers too hydrated,blood pressures,confuse to buy the things sales suddenly just a mimic of the price its just look a sames as last month and everyday.